Thursday, July 8, 2010

You know how sandwiches are often the default dinner for us families "on-the-go"? God I hate that term... Like if one child has swimming and the other has hockey and you have 20 minutes to eat? So you make like turkey sandwiches, throw out some chips and maybe carrot sticks and a drink. Well let me describe Sandwich Night here: Whole wheat wraps, pita bread, bread, turkey, cheese, ham, egg salad, mustard, mayo, pickles, jalapeno peppers, (jalapeno peppers!!) lettuce, tomatoes, and vegetarian vegetable soup. And pudding for dessert. Don't get me wrong- everybody loved the selection...BECAUSE THERE WAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!!!!!! So many much saran room in the fridge...

Oh, and we have to wait for the food stuff to come back from yunatstvo, and then clean it up and condense all the leftovers. And tonite, we had to wait a particularly long time. The driver we currently have, whom I don't want to mention by name but his name rhymes with

Shandrij Glyzyk, was just dawdling and making excuses. "oh, I had to go there, I had to go back, they weren't ready, blah, blah, blah...."Ha! Just kidding, "Shandrij", but not really. ;)

Gee, is it still ok to use those sideways smiley faces?

You know what I miss? Ice. Like the kind that makes beverages cold. Now, we have very minimal space in the freezer and I know that bags of ice are way too expensive. But having to drink room temperature iced tea/lemonade/water is kind of getting old. It reminds me of our babtsi who would say- "Oh- don't drink cold drinks!! You'll have gynecological issues..." Whaa?

On that note, all of you out there ENJOY AND APPRECIATE YOUR AIR CONDITIONERS!!!


  1. Put a few cups of room temp tea or lemonade or water in the freezer tonight. If it's the same walk-in freezer as it was in the 80's, it freezes a standard size styrofoam cup of water in 47 minutes to the point where you can break the top layer with a swift jab of the sharp end of one of their knives, and,... (I think I may have written too much). :)

  2. My,my, my. And to think that in the stone age when I was at tabir yunachok we ate if the wood was dry and we could build a fire in an outdoor stove. If it was wet,then leftovers from the day before.
    Three cheers for all the hard workers in the kuchnia. You're the best.