Monday, July 19, 2010

So I've mentioned that food gets sent out to the older kids and we have to wait for it all to come back and put stuff away, put dishes and utensils in the sink, and condense the food. So breakfast went out without any problems. We have a new driver this week- Andrij- and Pan Myron the General Maintenance man was helping him. At around 9:45 stuff starts to come back. We had scrambled eggs, bacon, cereal, bread, jam, butter, coffee, cocoa, juice, the regular fare. So we're all quickly getting rid of everything and I look over at Pani Olia. She has a big container in her hand. I ask her where she's going with it, and she says to the refrigerator. I instantly knew that the fridge was not the place for this thing. Here is what it was:

I ask her if she knew what she was holding. She said "Moloko!! (milk!!) and I said, um, actually, that's not milk, that's "Kley" (glue) and she asks, "What's 'kley'?" and I say "you know, for crafts, to make things stick together!!" and she looks at me like I have 3 heads and I start fumbling-"uh-samolipka, perelipka, sebelipka, dohlipka, kleylipka, " and all the while I'm rubbing my hands together like I'm playing patty cake and she still doesn't get it. So then Pan Myron, her husband comes back in and she's all "Where did you get this??? Why did you bring it here?? Lesia kazhe toh ne moloko!!" (Lesia says that's not milk!) And then he's all "Nu, ta toh tam stoyalo, ya til'ky beru to shcho stoyit'! Yak ya mayu znaty shcho to ne maye tut ity!!" And meanwhile, the rest of us are all giggling. Then we were all like, "I hope they didn't put it on their cereal!!! That would make it gluey!! Ho-ho-ho!! I hope they didn't pour it in their coffee! That would make their coffee all gluey!!! Har-dee-har-har!!! " Good times...

Then before lunch Pani Olia (she of the glue-milk) comes up to me with this cute expression and says "Pani Lesiu- Ya navchylas' nove slovo. Ale ne smiytes'! ("I learned a new word, but don't laugh!") And I go- "Yake?" (What?) and, bless her little heart, she says- "SHUT UP!" but it comes out more like "SHAHRRAHP!" with a rolled R. I lost it. She said she learned it from Big George! And then when she was helping serve he came up to her and said something and she said to him "Sharrap!" I gave her this huge hug. Very funny moment.

We had ham and rosemary roasted potatoes for lunch. The water has been wonky today. First there wasn't any, then it came on, then it was dirty, then ok, then the pressure was off. So you know that gigantic baniak I have to fill? It took like 4 times as long to get ready for lunch. I have to cook elbow macaroni for Mac-n-cheese. Yay.


  1. I'm trying to picture all of the kids at craft time trying to stick pieces of construction paper together with milk...

    Who picked this glue? It's so runny... and doesn't stick AT ALL. But at least my bones feel stronger...

    By the way- you have twice as many subscribers as MY blog so you win the Hrab cake challenge.


    Da Brother

  2. I'm pretty sure that most school glue is "edible." Or at least non-toxic. Given that, the worst that can happen, I imagine, is, well, a very 'binding' gastrointestinal experience. :)

    Ah, tabir life!

  3. It's not fair to make your mother laugh so hard. Women of a certain age have to be careful.
    Need I say anymore?


  4. Lesiu: I have been following your blog on my BlackBerry every nite since I heard about it during Tabir Ptashat at Soyuzivka: It is fabulous! I have laughed out loud many times: you most certainly are very funny!! This post, however, is the BEST!!! I was in such hysterics that I was worried I was going to wake my two little ones!!! Reading it on the BB was perfect too: I had to read everything above the photo before I could scroll to see it - & the comedic timing was perfect!! I've let everyone I could think of know about your blog: it brings back such great memories of tabir - especially pidvechirok!! I don't know what I'm going to do once you are no longer a Pani v Kukhni next week! I've had a ritual of reading vovchachow in bed every nite! Kudos & Congratulations & Great Thanks to you for dedicating yourself to what is a much, much more difficult job that most could ever appreciate! KATPYCb from Philly