Friday, July 16, 2010

Ah, I remember when I was at tabir here and it was the Friday before Den' Plastuna. That's Parent's weekend for you non-ukes. It seemed like the day had this energy, and I hate to use that term. I guess it was the excitement, the anticipation of finally, FINALLY getting to see your folks and getting the chance to leave the oselia. On Saturday morning, I would think, "OK- my mom (and dad if he wasn't playing with his band) must be leaving the house by now. " At breakfast I'd think-"They've got to be close!!!" And then catching a glimpse of her/him/them while we were standing in our uniforms/get ups/costumes on the big field. I guess all the hassles, the homesickness, the missing them would all be forgotten. And then the weekend would be very fun. Now I too am anticipating this weekend sooo much! I am really, really tired. We had to report in at 5:30. I am starting to get up ONE MINUTE before my alarm goes off. How's that for not wanting to oversleep?? The health inspector stopped by today and I think all went well. I had to make mashed potaoes A-G-A-I-N... This was the quickest batch yet. We had fishsticks for lunch and are having pizza for dinner. YUM.
Thank you for all your kind words and support. They are priceless.

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  1. I love the daily reports...thanks for giving us such great detail with what you are cooking and how you are surviving in the kitchen. My son is in Yunatskyj tabir (first time at Vovcha) and a very picky eater. Reassuring that each time he's eating at least something from the sounds of what you're posting.