Monday, July 19, 2010

So I have coined the term "SPASTA" to explain the combination of pasta and a spa treatment.
Get it? Spa + pasta= spasta!! And I had some major spasta today. About 90 minutes of cooking elbows for the famous Mac-n-Cheese. Alot of the kids are on trips today, so we had fewer pots to cook. Kids really love this dinner. I had Raisin Bran because if I had to put one more friggin' piece of klyuska in my mouth I knew I would gag.
First one to get this translation wins a gift certificate for a spasta: (Sorry non-ukes, but I didn't even understand what Pani Olia was saying to me) "Chym zakryty salat? Plivkoyu abo poslidkoyu?"
The older camp kids are really sloppy. When they return their foodstuffs, it's totally gross. The pudding scoop is in the Italian dressing, there is jelly in the butter, the saran wrap is all twisted and caked with crud, the syrup drips into the milk crate, bleh.
How is this for a choice? Stay late tonite and make 80 sandwiches for tomorrow, or come in tomorrow at 5:00 AM and make 240 of them. GAH! We voted and unanimously decided to stay and make them now. We cranked those babies out!!
Today is the third day in a row I have woken up with a headache. Not cool. Hopefully tomorrow I won't get one.


  1. See, here and I thought that SPASTA was becoming spastic from making so much pasta...

  2. So ...плівкою i believe means film or saran wrap. However, the other word, послідкою, if i were to guess i would think its some container?

  3. I think that HanyaSis is correct about the plastic film for плівка, and it's quite obvious that послідка must be something that "follows," such as an afterbirth, placenta, or bird droppings. That's always a good way to cover a salad, especially in tabir!!!

  4. Yes! Plivkoyu was "with Saran Wrap" and poslidkoyu was "with aluminum foil." The odd thing is that all along, for the last like 18 days we've been saying "Plastikom" or "Foilom".
    That's why I was totally not getting it. Terms and conditions for the spasta gift certificate: you must come here next summer and cook your own darn klyusky!

  5. By the way... you WILL continue to write when you get home, correct? NO WAY this blog should end simply because tabir is over, right? I think as a mom of two, uki school teacher and plast mom you have plenty to write about...

    What does everyone else think? Am I right?

    Da Brother

  6. Da Brother is absolutely right!

    The stories are awesome - keep them up: plast, uki school, kids, etc. - plenty of topics to keep going.

  7. Absolutely. It's incredibly therapeutic for a start. :)

  8. Uki School teacher?! Did not know that. Now that I do, I will chime in with those that are demanding more of this slice-of-Uki-life information/humor/commentary/vocabulary enhancement/etc.