Thursday, July 15, 2010

So my friend, my cohort, my partner in crime had a heckuvan afternoon. We all did, but she really got it. We had hamburgers, fries and assorted condiments for dinner. There were so many trays of food going in and out of the ovens, it was crazy! The burgers went in first, then they got condensed and then Pani Marusia and I had to wash and dry the trays for the fries. We went through like 5 or 6 boxes of them!! When the supply ran low, my friend was asked to get another box out of the walk-in freezer. I was on the side awating the Domino's van to ship food out, so I only caught parts of this. She walks into the freezer and can only see chicken thighs and cranberry juice. Remember, it's like 18 degrees in there. She's starting to shiver, so she steps out. The second time she goes in she sees rainbow sherbet and hash browns and is starting to lose feeling in her extremities. She steps out. The third time, she's sliding on the slippery floor,

blood is leaving her extremities to protect her vital organs, and she still can't find the fries. She walks out, no fries, and it turns out they were on the floor on the left just as you walk in. Is it sabotage? Or just refrigerator/freezer blindness?? The older boys didn't get their food back until almost 9:00 pm so we all had a late night. Tomorrow we report at 5:30 because the novaky are having a field trip and are eating breakfast at 7:15.

Quote of the day: "Don't stand over the meat!!" hmmm--It sounded better in Ukie...

Earlier today we had a milk delivery. This very nice African-American man carts everything in, puts it by the refrigerator, back and forth, and then right before he leaves he says "Have a nice day!!" One of the older ladies says-"Chy vin skazav 'dobrij den'?" They were convinced that he speaks Ukrainian. I taught Big George and another lady to say "Gross!" (regarding the greasy tryas that we all had to wash) and I taught another lady "chocoholic. Like alcoholic, but for chocolate!" She got a kick out of that.

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  1. Le, One more week to go! Although I am happy for you that the end is near, I am going to miss this blog....
    Enjoy the weekend free time (I hope you are getting some free time) with the kids. - Anya