Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For this entry I would like to give a heartfelt shout out to the bratchyky of the novatsky tabir.
These are some of the most well-behaved, polite, and pleasant young men I've ever seen. (I used to teach in a high school and often had to deal with surly, entitled kids for whom I was doing a favor by teaching them. ) Now, not only are they well mannered, I am still stunned at the fact that each and every one sings the smachnoho and dyakuyemo songs with all their claps and snaps and chachachawhooshes without a hint of self-consciousness!! Or if they are self conscious, I don't see it. I try to picture other 18, 19 year old guys in this context and I really can't. I hope they all know that I deeply value their commitment to our boys. This in no way diminishes what the girls' bulava is doing. They are all also delightful young women and I know that alot of time and effort was put into this year's theme, which I totally LOVE!! Today was bratchyk and sestrychka switch day and they all swapped odno stroyi. One bratchyk said to me- "Please don't think less of us!" and I said-"Don't you worry, my opinion of you all could not be higher!" I thank them for having more of an impact than they realize.


  1. I totally agree with your observation and opinion of the bratchyky and sestrychky!

  2. MEGAKUDOS to one and all!!! You're the best!

  3. I think you captured the essence of PLAST in this one post. You have a group of young adults unselfishly mentoring, teaching and having fun with a group of children that look up to them as demi-gods. This was the time to do things that can not be done at home. The comment I got from my son over the weekend when he walked through a puddle of mud was “Don’t worry it’s a PLAST thing”. That comradery is what I remember from PLAST camp, that along with the tiredness, homesickness and the brownies. L thank you for feeding, nurturing and caring for ALL of our children.

    What would the world be like, ok, what would our country look like if all young adults were like these bratchyky?.......hmmmmmmm.

  4. I forgot to mention that the parents of these boys should be proud!!