Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!! Well, it is now 2:10 pm. We all got up at 5:30am and reported for duty at 6:00. This is our first break. Actually, our only break until after dinner. I don't even know where to start! Breakfast today was french toast sticks, bread with jelly or butter, hard boiled eggs, hot chocolate, cold cereal. As soon as breakfast was over, we started on lunch.
That was ham, rosemary potatoes, corn, salad and fruit salad. I am totally wiped.
There's kind of an interesting silence among us workers. Nobody is conversing, the mood is very somber, no joking around, no laughing. By the time it is our turn to eat, we are so exhausted that we eat in silence. At least while serving the kids I feel like I can chat with them and ask how their day is going. We are not allowed to leave the kitchen to talk to our kids. They don't want any of the other children to feel bad that their mom isn't here. I got reprimanded twice today.
Once for cutting too much off the top of strawberries ( I did that to save time) and the second time for leaving the knife and board from said strawberries unattended and dirty. Lesson learned. One other thing- my "duty" is to prepare the crates of supplies for the yunatski tabory.
They get sent out not by the tractor that we all remember, but in an old mini van with a Dominos Pizza sign on the roof!!

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  1. Oof, and I thought being an ychasnyk at tabir was hard work!