Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pasta, anyone?
Hello all. Sorry for not posting yesterday. We had a horrible morning, and there was just nothing for me to say. Thankfully, the day ended much nicer. Some of us went out for dinner in town (and I use that term "town" loosely) last night and we were able to vent and relax. So listen to this story. As we all were cleaning up yesterday after dinner, Big George was there washing dishes and chatting with Pani Marusia. She is from Ukraine and is very sweet. He said something using the word "rozbyratys'" and they were kind of laughing, and then he turns to ME and says- "Pani Lesiu, budem rozbyratys'??" Now, for you non-ukes out there, rozbyratys' means (at least I thought...) to get undressed. So he basically asked me- "hey, let's get undressed!" I looked at him, made a face, and said something like- "Uh, no thanks, but if you want to get undressed, that's none of my business, Big Guy!" So this morning, he found out that we went out last night. And he asked again about "rozbyratys'" and Pani Marusia had to explain how I understood that word. Well, he just about exploded with laughter. They use the word to mean to discuss a problem. Yoy.
While I like ketchup on my burgers and fries, I hate it on my hands. Having to transfer it from big jar to bowl back to big jar drives me crazy.
How much milk is enough? These kids drink gallons of it a day. The delivery guy has been here like three times with these massive amounts of crates filled with 4 gallons of milk.
We had stuffed shells for lunch today. They were very good. The novachky-little girls- are on a field trip so we had to get in earlier to make sandwiches for them.
I cannot wait for Saturday. It seems like most of us kitchen ladies have hit a wall. We walk around like zombies, waiting for orders. Not alot of conversation, heads are down chopping, counting, sorting, slicing and dicing.

The weather today is pretty good. There are enough clouds that it's not too hot.


  1. You're spoiling us. I had withdrawal symptoms when I didn't get your blog yesterday.
    Glad you had a "night out".

  2. So does each pan of pasta have a different quality of hardness to it, one super al dente, one al dente, one regular, one soft, one mushy and one paste, in order to satisfy the discriminating tastes of the various taborovyky??!@#$!

  3. Hi!
    Which Lesia are you? I have a nephew at yunatiski8j tabir & am following your blog. Youi have a career in writing!
    Pa, Xpuctia D.