Thursday, July 8, 2010

The swimming last night was divine!!!!! Until the bats came out. Oh sure- they leave you alone, yeah, until they get tangled in your hair....But it was still great!!! I slept well, but I think that swim may have thrown me off because I'm really dragging today. From the start, my feet feel like lead and my hands and arms, because they are in latex gloves and or oven mitts almost all day, are sweaty and slimy. It is very humid today. So get this breakfast buffet-rolls with bread, cold cereal, hot oatmeal, bread, butter, jam, juices, milk, yogurt, cocoa, coffee and tea. Times 5!!
The morning is absolutely insane!! Oh- our next "english-ism" this morning was "like buttah" for the ladies from Ykraina. That was hilarious!!! And then Pan Yuri the diswasher, or as I like to call him "Big George" was learning how to say "watch your back" as we all often carry pots of hot water, trays of hot meatloaf/ziti/pork loin etc. So I was washing plums for lunch and he walked behind me with two carriers of hot cocoa. I said- "Hey- how about a 'watch your back?'" And he laughs and says "oh, ya, itchy back!" I was dying. He's a good sport.
Kids are all doing well. The boys are cute when they come in their odno stroyi with their xyctky INSIDE their collars. If I have a second, which I really don't, I try to fix them up.
I'm noticing that the posting times are wonky. I usually post between 2-4 and then after about 8:30 at night. Please don't think I'm posting at 5:30 like it says. We are in the throes of dinner prep at that time.
The word may be out that this blog exists. Let's wait for a reaction......


  1. Sounds like you're getting into the swing of things, and that the people in the kitchen are "in the grove."

    The posting times are probably Pacific, where Google is located. I've also noticed a few miscounted comments (like the main page says zero but then you click on the '0 comments' it shows 2 or 3 comments - gotta love technology!).

    Thunderstorms, rain and sweet relief are on their way...

  2. Lesiu - I'm driving down with my son & Tunia's from Zolota Bulava tomorrow night. Want anything from beyond the compound?

  3. Awesome! Am checking your blog as often as I'm checking the PK site for pix of the kids....Thanks for keeping me smiling!!

  4. Your english-isms have me in stitches. "Itchy back" is my favorite one... How can you possibly keep a straight face?