Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Did I say Taco night sucked? Chef Salad Night SUCKS EVEN WORSE!!!!!!! Here is a list of what went into this meal: salad, tomatoes, shredded cheese, kidney beans, chick peas, turkey breast, ham, bologna, shredded eggs, little rolls, butter, dressing, and ice cream for dessert. Now you may be thinking- yeah, that's chef salad for ya. But each thing needs to be either cut, shredded, poured, dice or sifted, and then it needs just the right utensil for serving, and then it's all prepared for the 5 tabory. Once stuff gets sent out to the yunatstvo it's tough to fix it if you forget something, like forks. Oh- and in the middle of packing this dinner for the yunaky, I open a giant cooler case (that transports the hot or cold food) and I find yesterday's breakfast STILL INSIDE. That's my job- clean and put away all stuff that gets brought back z lisu. Major bleh- scrambled eggs, hash browns and bacon. The blood drained from my head as head pani saw it all unfold. I got reprimanded, but it worked out ok. Smelled like a dumpster, though.

One interesting thing I've noticed about myself- We were told not to ever pop something in our mouths as we are preparing it. It's one thing to taste something like a sauce, or the mashed potatoes from this morning, but I'm finding it a challenge to not sneak a piece of lettuce, or a cuke, or a strawberry or grape in my mouth.

It's Ivana Kupala tonite. I totally forgot what the hell that was. Still don't know...

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