Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So this morning I pack up the older kids' breakfast buffet and realize that after the food went out to the girls, I forgot to pack the tongs to serve the waffles. I broke out in a cold sweat. Oh, the thoughts that went through my head- What do I do? Do I wait for the driver to come back? Do I get in my own car and drive them up? The last thing I need is for that walkie talkie to crackle (the camps and administration communicate with each other using walkie talkies-so convenient and uber cool...) and have some disembodied girl's voice say- "Can we please get some tongs for the waffles?" So do you know what I did? I grabbed the tongs, looked both ways, and began to run towards the camp. Run Forrest, RUN!!! I figured I would meet the driver on his way down. So picture me, wearing my fartyx (O sweet Jesus that word looks hysterical!!!! I'm gonna type it again- FARTYX!!!!), it's blowing in the wind, I have my "batongs" in my hand, and I am running through the oselia. I made it up to the white building before the Dominos Van came down the hill. The driver (Frank for this week) thought I was nuts. He turned around and went back up the hill and I ran back. Popped back into the kitchen and no one even noticed I was gone!!
Had to make mashed potatoes AGAIN. They came with roast beef for lunch. One more xreshchennia tonite. My co-worker and I are going to sing a silly song.


  1. Fartyx (pronounced fahr 'tookh)=apron...not some sort of Ukrainian gastro-intestinal difficulty!!!

  2. Lesiu, this blog is quite entertaiing and wonderful--every parent who sends his/her kid should be reading it so that they understand how much work goes into preparing such luxurious meals for their kids. Gosh, I remember being at tabir in the 1960's and being served white rice with strawberries! Did you ever realize that you had so much energy in you?! Keep on blogging! XP. C. Kowinko
    P.S. I sent you an email today

  3. You should sing "Tongs for the memories..."


  4. absolutely awesome; keep it coming, пані Лесю!!