Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Luau Night!! And what a hurricane of a dinner it was. All of the camps are back so I needed to make sure everything got out OK as well. So how's this for a luau menu- varenyky, italian sausage, and kobasa. Plus of course the accoutrements: sour cream, peppers and onions, mustard, rolls and ice cream for dessert. The novaky and novachky wanted to luau together so we ended up serving them with not much of a lag time AND the pidhotovchij camp came in between them. Everyone was going crazy for the varenyky and it was tough being able to only give out 2 so that everyone could have some. Once all the kids, vyxovnyky and workers went through, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Everything got cleaned up quickly and we were set free for the night.
Could I get a verification, please, on the following---On Top Chef or The Next Food Network Star, do those contestants wear gloves in the kitchen?? I am a devotee, and was just wondering about that as I was cutting my 27th green pepper this morning. I can't remember!! God, I miss TV!!

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  1. Interesting question - should food preparers wear gloves or not? The last time I was in London, I went to my favorite cheese shop to get Unpasteurized cheese (the stuff we Americans _can't_ get our hands on), and the guy cut a sample with no gloves. Pinching the piece of cheese to the knife, he handed it to me that way. Delicious. Nobody in Europe wears gloves. I love it.

    How do others feel?