Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OK- the fifth and final xreshchennia has just taken place and I must say it was quite an event. Let's say there was fire and great singing. Our little ditty was ok. Glad we don't have to do anymore skits. So, I really blew it this afternoon. I needed to prepare the afternoon snack for the camps which involved counting out cookies and getting cups and napkins ready so that all they have to do is pick it up. I could swear I counted out and labeled properly, but of course, when that walkie-talkie crackled, I knew something was up. One of the camps did not get the proper amount of cookies. Some scrambling went on to make it up to them and get someone to get the food to them. Again, I felt like an ass, and was not really told- it's ok- we'll figure something out. So I was fuming with myself, and my whole mood was killed for the rest of the evening.
So here was tonite's menu: hot dogs, rolls, soup, potato chips, ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, pickles, relish, onions, cheese sauce, lemonade and creamsicles. SODIUM CITY!! I ate potato chips with the cheese sauce. Great balanced meal. Sorry for this downer post. I am tired, grubby and miss being able to hold my kids. So close, and yet, so far away.

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  1. Servus, Lesiu...
    Don't be so hard on yourself--everyone makes mistakes and it sounds like you're being underappreciated, or all this work is making everybody in the kitchen at least a little bit crabby. I bet any money, someone will be begging for you to come back a year from now!!!
    I'd like to help you enjoy the coming weekend if you're not as free from the kitchen as you'd like to be so please make sure to read my email from yesterday.
    See you this weekend,