Saturday, July 3, 2010

OK- I'm up and running! Or rather, exhausted and grubby. What a first day! There are 6 of us working in the kitchen under the guidance of Pani Emilia. She knows what she is doing!! The rest of us don't!! We were all kind of running into each other, waiting for our orders. Pidvechirok went well and I confess that I did have a jelly donut. Shhh... After a short break, we got ready for dinner. Tonight it was chicken patties on a bun with fries and assorted condiments. Dessert was ice cream sandwiches. When the novachky came, Pani Emilia brought out a HUGE birthday cake for one of the girls and they all sang Mnohaya Lita (version #12) for her. I was eyeing that cake, hoping I could snag me a slice. Now, I confess, sometimes I go to WalMart and buy a cake just because I LOVE CAKE!!! And, I was able to get me a slice. Yay!
The chicken patty was good too. It's now dark and quiet here. Tomorrow is the first full day.


  1. Happy to hear that everyone survived. Or well, since you didn't write about any misshaps we assume there weren't any. One major secret I remember from being at vocha in bulava is sneaking into that walk- in freezer to cool off and, well, maybe helping myself to a bit of cake.

    Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

    Damian and Renia

  2. The blog is up and running well. Now the word about it has to spread щоби цілий світ знав!