Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome back all! Well, at 4:00 today we all reported for dinner duty. It was going to be sandwiches, which really is a pretty easy dinner. All of a sudden, some VIPs come in and start whispering with the head lady. People come in, go out, walkie talkies in hand. Something is up. Someone is coming to the oselia. Now, unless it's George Michael, I really don't care who it could possibly be. I know, I know, he's gay and he's been arrested however many times for drugs and for whatever that thing in the bathroom was, but "Careless Whisper" is STILL my favorite song I don't care what anyone says. But back to the intrigue. Who could it be?? Singer? Dancer? Singers? Dancers? Board of Health? I'll tell you in a minute. More importantly, we would end up serving EVERYONE at the oselia in the Dining Hall basically one camp after another. So, we quickly placed out all the assorted condiments, meats, breads, rolls and people and got ready.
At 5:45 the yunachky came, at 6:00 the Novaky came, at 6:10 the newest little campers from the pidhotovchij camp came, at 6:25 the Yunaky came, and at 6:45 the Novachky came. So in essence, we fed around 300 people in an hour and ten minutes. TAH-DAH!!
So who is the mystery guest? Straight from Soyuzivka, Haydamaky!!! I probably spelled that wrong. As I write this they are giving a concert to all the kids in the Pavillion. Everyone is going NUTS!!!! Kids are dancing, people are taking photos, filming, now there's a repeat-after-me-thing going on, everyone is cheering, screaming, doing the Hopak, clapping, polka-ing, it's insane.
Very cool way to finish the weekend.
A message to my friends PK and LK- your little one is totally fine!!!!
To my friends LV and NV-the cake was a hit and I must say very tasty! I was filming the mnohaya lita and serving bread at the same time. How's that for dedication!
A special, heartfelt thank you to all who spoke with me this weekend about this blog. I can't believe that this is the first thing some of you log on to when you get to work. That completely blows my mind. I am humbled by your attention and kind words.
Now I'm off to do a kolomyjka....


  1. Lesia, This is Anna Sisung and my daughter, Lesia, is up that huge hill at the yunachky camp. I heard about your blog over the weekend from a couple of folks. I had to go off and search it out! Isn't Google great. I love this blog! I appreciate all the hard work you (and all the other folks) do at tabir and your dedication to this blog.

    дуже дякую

  2. Great stuff and a special thank you. Hope you had a good time last night.
    PK and LK.