Friday, July 9, 2010

So, the xreshchennia this afternoon was great. The novachky have a theme of "Yak vyrostem velyki" so it all had to do with their dreams, their futures, and that they can be whatever they want. Two kitchen ladies and I did a 2 minute skit with an enchanted baniak. When you put in something small, it grows big. One piece of bread grew into a loaf, a piece of celery became a bunch and one onion grew to a 10 pound bag. (I should put my bank account into that baniak... or my love life...) The intent was to tell the girls to eat the great food we prepare so that they can grow to be big and strong. At the rate that I am eating all this food, I will be big and round.
So I wanted to introduce someone to all of you. We 6 ladies plus head lady work with a guy from
"the outside" named Mike. He has worked here for something like 20 years. He helps head lady with orders, deliveries, he's a pro on the deli meat slicer, and let me tell you, for the first hour that he's around, we don't even know he's there. He's a "low talker" (Seinfeld!), so that's why we call him Crazy Mike!!! Yesterday while we ate lunch, he and I were chatting. He said that the average age of the kyxnia ladies was lowered by about 30 years with this new crew. He has never heard so much English being spoken here, and funniest of all, he thinks that in the past people would pay Plast to have their mothers-in-law work in the kitchen. Oh, that Crazy Mike...Did I mention that I shredded 138 eggs yesterday for that egg salad? Yup. And what's sadder is that I actually counted them. Oh, and pidvechirok today was David's Double Chocolate BROWNIES!! My memories of pidvechirok from 35 years ago are actually pretty good- those coconut buns, lemon buns, and even brownies with nuts. But these brownies today- not one was returned from any of the tabory. Big George wears NO GLOVES when he washes dishes. My tolerance of hot water is pretty high, but this guy is made of iron. Itchy back!!

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  1. Hi Lesiu!

    Thanks for keeping me laughing throughout the heat wave. I hear reinforcements are coming for a week this Sunday. Hang in there.