Monday, July 12, 2010

As I was saying, it's not enough that we have an 8 hour day before 2:00 filled with pots, water, tongs, coolers, coffee, butter, tension, "itchy back", eggs, cocoa, lemonade, bread, cups, napkins, kids, grown ups, workers, milk crates, latex gloves, mashed potatoes, knives, lettuce, pasta, "smachnoho!", jelly, oranges, outgoing, incoming, sugar, Splenda, forks, spoons, cereal, syrup, milk, ladles, iced tea, plastic bags, ziploc bags, oven mitts, spatulas, "dyakuyemo, dyakuyemo, dyakuyemo, dyakuemo, dyakuyemo, dyakuyemo, smachne bulo!", leftovers, seconds, masking tape, sharpie markers, aluminum foil, saran wrap, xochesh waffle? xochesh waffle? xochesh waffle? xochesh waffle? xochesh waffle? xochesh waffle? xochesh waffle? xochesh waffle?......
we have to prepare, rehearse, and memorize a funny, memorable, thematically appropriate skit.

Thanks. Yeah, I've got time for that....

Glossary of terms: smachnoho- bon apetit// dyakuyemo- we thank you/ /smachne bulo- it was tasty// xochesh waffle?- you better eat this thing or I'll....


  1. Lesia,
    My wife and I have been reading you blog over the last week and have laughed and at times almost cried. Keep up the great work feeding the children and keeping us informed and amused.

    Thank you,

    Petro and Larissa K