Monday, July 12, 2010

Holy shmoley- I just had to prepare 6 huge pots of water for the spaghetti we're having for dinner. One of those pots is massive. It takes, no joke, 5 minutes to fill it. I water my lawn in less time. And I'm talking to Big George and it turns out I taught his granddaughter at my Uki School job! Malij svit!! But let's start at the beginning. Today we had to report earlier to make sandwiches for the U2 camp. 5:15 am wake up call!!! Then we began preparing for breakfast- scrambled eggs, sausages and hash browns. This breakfast resulted in 29 huge metal trays in the sink. Big George was not amused. And I apparently forgot how to read English. In the pantry we keep huge 6 lb. 14 oz. cans of food like fruit cocktail, instant potato powder, grape jelly, chick peas, pudding, and the like. I was supposed to get the Tomato Ketchup (is it me or is there any other kind of ketchup- banana ketchup? chocolate ketchup? ) and instead I got the tomato PASTE. And opened it. And then was filled with dread- what would the consequences feel like such an ass when you do something like that here!
Those pots that I was filling? Well, there are 2 hoses attached to the sink for washing and filling pots. The GREEN one is for hot, and the RED one is for cold. Got it? And by hot, I mean boiling hot.
We have to wear gloves when we prepare or serve food, obviously, but I am so sick of changing them 2,000 times a day.
I think I suffer from refrigerator blindness too. I'll go in to look for, let's say, Soy Milk, and I don't see it and announce "There's no soy milk" and then someone will go in and say, "uh, no- it's right there! " And sure enough it is! We try to do things in pairs so that one can always cover for the other. Lunch was chicken patty sandwiches with nacho chips. Very popular here.
There is another xreshchennia tonite for the yunachky. I have no more creativity left and we are all so exhausted. But you get this special invitation and you have to prepare this little answer thingy and on top of that do a skit. Somehow I don't think that the previous pani (z ykrainy) v kyxni prepared tochky. Ugh, the pressure to come up with something!!! It's hard to do. And it has to do with that camp's theme, so that's even trickier.
That's all for now. I am really tired. I'll talk to you guys later...


  1. Suggestion to make your life a little easier, and tap some creative minds who are living vicariously through you: post the themes of the different camps and when their 'xreschtenia' are. Maybe some of us [like your creative brother - :) ] can help generate some ideas before the next one.

    In case anyone's counting - this post is my creative idea. :)

  2. Theme for yunachky is something like "honor your ancestors - they make you who you are today"

  3. hilarious. you had us all roaring at bird camp last week. thank you!

  4. "Pani v kukhni" always had the best tochky at khreschennia taboriv! Keep up the amazing work - love this blog! Laryssa