Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hey everyone! Sorry, it's been awhile. Yesterday did not end well, but today was much better. We had a double dose of Xreshchennia- Novaky and U2. My cohort and I dressed up in kitchen armor and presented the tabir with a new type of weapon to protect from enemies, and by the time it was U2's turn we were out of ideas so we sang a 4 line song and presented them with cookies. God- I can't believe I just sang a duet in front of like 300 people!!! Thru a bullhorn, no less!!!
Deedle-dit-dit...deedle-dit-dit....TURKEY UPDATE!!!! Some of you have been wondering what happened to those 25 turkeys that went in, then out, then back in the ovens. Well, they finished cooking and became a delicious lunch accompanied by mashed potatoes (grrrrr), gravy, green beans and cranberry sauce. Dinner was the kobasy that I had to cut. That came with kapusta, (hey- did any of you out there catch some Iphone commercial with the guy's name on the address thingy- it was Ted Kapusta. I kid you not!!) and rye bread. Yum. Good Uki meal.
Fridge smell of the day today- Pickles!! Today's lunch (am I confusing you?) was Goulash!!!
And Egg noodles!!! And Pickles!!! It was very good.
Um, I do not have degrees in comedy. That was a joke that obviously fell flat. Hey- it can't all work.
So I guess this blog has taken off somewhat. People are asking me "Who's the blogger?" And I point to the 72 year old babtsia who works with me. That gets a chuckle. It wasn't my intention to be anonymous. I was just doing this for fun. Please keep reading, feel free to ask questions, and I will certainly take ideas for posts. Thank you for all your positive support!!!


  1. I think we should have a tabir for all the moms and babtsi who have cooked all their lives and could use a break from the stove.
    This food is unbelievable.
    What would we call ourselves?? Hmmmm??????
    Sign me up. Mama

  2. Count me in for next year, Mama.

  3. Lesiu! Loving the blog! We feel like we are there with you, but also happy that we are not. I don't remember eating anything like you are describing when we were there, besides the sticky buns. And I don't remember the pani z kukhni walking around the oselia either. Now we know why. Are you going to cater sviata from now on... It should be a breeze after these three weeks at Chatham.
    If you can, describe your co-workers some more. I want to know more about the people in the trenches with you. Keep it coming! - Anya

  4. You should make a post with a glossary of terms for non-ukes. Something like Tabir=Camp, Novaky=Cubscouts, Kobasy=cholesterol delivery system, etc... Keep up the great work!

  5. ...eau de kapusta=Ukrainian air freshener...